Pre-Course Assignment

Reserve Component National Security Course

Pick one question below for your RCNSC strategy paper. The paper should be typed, double-spaced, and approximately 500 words in length. (Handwritten is NOT acceptable.) You will submit a hard copy of your paper to your Seminar Leader no later than 0900 on the first day of the course. 

Please adhere to the NDU Academic and  Plagiarism policies.

  1. Printing is NOT available for RCNSC students at NDU
  2. Papers are graded Pass / Fail
  3. Plagiarism and Academic Misconduct may result in a student being disenrolled from NDU
  4. Your paper should be an essay that represents original critical thinking and not just recitation of fact. Evaluation of the paper will be based on both (a) composition (organization, clarity of expression, and proper grammar) and (b) originality of thought, the coherence and persuasiveness of your position, and how well you address arguments that would challenge your case.
  5. There is no “RCNSC solution” or answer to any of these questions. The paper’s evaluation will depend on the objective you state in the paper and how well you support it. This writing exercise should provide an opportunity for you to develop and strengthen your skills as a critical thinker.
  6. Please follow the CISA Style Guide if you are citing sources.

Essay Question:

The President’s 2017 National Security Strategy provides a vision and strategy for advancing the nation’s interests, universal values, and a rules-based international order through strong and sustainable American leadership.  The strategy sets out the principles and priorities that describe how America will lead the world toward greater peace and a new prosperity.

  1. What should our National Security Strategy be towards China? Consider the threat China may pose to US interests and any common national security interests the US and China share.
  2. What should our National Security Strategy be towards Russia? Consider the threat Russia may pose to US interests and any common national security interests the US and Russia share.
  3. What is the single most strategic threat to the United States’ National Security? Provide current examples of how the US is or is not implementing measures to mitigate this threat.
  4. Are the branches of US Government executing the President’s strategy? Provide examples on how the US Government is or is not meeting the strategy’s goals to advance security, prosperity, values, and international order. Identify specific opportunities or obstacles in achieving these objectives.